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“Thunder and Lightning, Trumpets and Drums,
Readers Rejoice, A Storylord Comes!”

Holy Camole! Jump on your Bike-O-Tron, chant the verse above and teleport with us to the land of Mujuste to learn about Storylords, the live-action instructional television series developed in the mid-1980s at UW-Stout for the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board. The series focuses on building reading comprehension strategies through the use of fantasy for second-, third- and fourth-grade students. 

The popular series aired in classrooms and on PBS stations across the country through the 1990s. More recently, it has experienced a revival online, with thousands of views on YouTube, and as a topic of discussion on Reddit. In 2019, Wisconsin Public Radio took a look into Storylords’ popularity -- listen or read about it here

Storylords follows the adventures of Norbert, an elementary school student who is summoned by Lexor to become an apprentice Storylord and help save the land of Mojuste. Aided by Lexor and the skills learned from his reading class, Norbert fights the evil Storylord Thorzuul and his sidekick Milkbreath, helping Mojuste citizens solve reading puzzles along the way. Norbert is eventually joined by his curious sister Mandy who becomes his assistant. If they fail, Thorzuul and Milkbreath will turn everyone to stone. 

Local actors, schoolchildren and extras from the UW-Stout theater department made up the cast. Dunn County viewers will recognize many of the scene locations, including the Mabel Tainter Memorial, Menomonie’s East School and the Red Cedar Trail. 

The exhibit features original costumes, props and photographs, as well as interactive experiences. Check out a 1980's classroom, and hop on the Bike-O-Tron to be transported to the magical land of Mojuste. Learn about the making of the show, and all of the magical places in Dunn County that were featured in the show.  

The exhibit opens to the public on Saturday, January 22, 2022 during our business hours, 11 a.m to 5 p.m. 

To celebrate National Reading Month in May, we're planning themed events and a tour of filming locations!

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