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Solar Victory Garden

Great news!  The  Solar Victory Garden campaign has exceeded its $177, 292 fundraising goal thanks to many generous donors, and our qualifications for several grants (see proposal link below for specific sources).


Construction has been completed and we are awaiting final inspection!  

We will continue to accept donations to the Solar Victory Garden project to cover any unanticipated costs, and to replace the trees that were removed elsewhere on our campus. 


Stop by Wakanda Park  to check on our progress. 

The Solar Victory Garden is a vibrant, forward thinking, exciting initiative consisting of ground-mounted solar arrays installed at the Dunn County Historical Society’s Rassbach Museum located in Menomonie’s Wakanda Park. These solar arrays will produce enough electricity through most of the year to power the museum facilities, ensuring substantial financial savings that will be invested in furthering the Society’s mission:


“Formed in 1950, the Dunn County Historical Society discovers, preserves, interprets and shares knowledge about the history of Dunn County and its role in Wisconsin, and inspires interest in the past.”

The Solar Victory Garden project will:

  • meet the Society’s goals of creating diverse income streams

  • reduce costs to ensure the stability of the institution

  • utilize the innovations of the past to inspire the future with its theme of a WWII victory garden

  • create educational opportunities for the county we serve that fit seamlessly into our organizational mission

  • serve as a kick off response to the Menomonie City Council’s resolution to join state, county and local agencies to ensure all electricity generated in the state is carbon-free by 2050

  • inspire and demonstrate the utility, environmental, and financial benefits of solar power generation to the community as well as other nonprofit organizations.


The Society is working with Next Energy Solution, Inc. on the Solar Victory Garden project.

Briefly stated, the Solar Victory Garden will be a publicly-accessible exhibit about solar energy and the historical victory garden concept that has the added benefit of powering the museum facilities, while reducing our carbon footprint. 

To learn more about the Solar Victory Garden in detail: 

To contribute to the Solar Victory Garden campaign: 


Or mail a check with "Solar Victory Garden" in the memo line to:

Dunn County Historical Society

PO Box 437

Menomonie, WI 54751

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