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Our Exhibits
Rassbach Heritage Museum 


The Rassbach Museum tells intriguing, ever-changing stories of an area of Wisconsin with a long and rich history — from the mound builders of a thousand years ago to Dunn County’s friendly communities of today. And our Fulton’s Workshop is an interactive space for people of all ages to learn, marvel and make. Located in Menomonie's Wakanda Park near the Wakanda Elementary School, the Lions Club Game Park, and the water park, the facility features a museum store and exhibits, including:


  • The Golden Age of American Auto Design: The Doane Collection

  •  Settlement: pre-historic to present

  •  Kraft State Bank Robbery 

  •  Caddie Woodlawn and the Dunnville General Store 

  •  Victorian Rooms

  •  Dunn County in the Civil War

  •  Prohibition: Wets vs Drys in Dunn County

  •  On the Farm

  •  Curious Machines

Each year we host traveling exhibits with relevant connections to Dunn County and Wisconsin history. See our events page for more information.  


Fulton's Workshop


Fulton's Workshop, completed in 2018, tells the story of Fulton Holtby, a mechanical and forensic engineer, and expert craftsman. The workshop also features Dunn County inventions, and an interactive makerspace for people of all ages to learn, marvel and make. Exhibits include:

  • Dunn County Invents

  • Holtby Invents

  • Machine Shop

  • Simple Machines

  • Casting

  • The Makerspace 

Learn more about Fulton's Workshop here.

Hilkrest Rural School


Originally situated in Sherman Township, the 19th century Hilkrest School is a classic example of the one-room country schools that were common in Dunn County until the 1960s. It was moved to the Dunn County Fairgrounds in 1962–63 where it was open through the 2006 fair. The following year it was moved to our museum campus to enhance our school tours and provide all our visitors opportunities to visit the rural school exhibit beyond the county fair dates.


Tainter Playhouse


The Tainter Playhouse was used by the children of Andrew Tainter, who was one of the founders of the Knapp, Stout & Co. Company lumber empire. It was moved to the Dunn County Fairgrounds in 1965 where it was open through the 2006 fair and moved to the museum campus in 2007.

Sneak Peek
Select an image to get a preview of the exhibits featured in the Rassbach Museum and Fulton's Workshop.

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