• Myrtle Werth Health Center opens, replacing Memorial Hospital.

  • First Tinman Triathlon held in Menomonie.


  • Red Cedar State Trail completed and available for hiking, biking, and skiing.

  • Greenwood Players children's theater founded by Marion Lang.


  • Dunn County Heritage Center Museum on Wilson Park unveiled in August.

  • Creamery Restaurant opens for business in Downsville under management of the Thomas family.

  • Hunt-Wesson acquires Beatrice Foods, including Sanna.


  • Menomonie returns to a mayoral form of government and elects Charles "Chuck" Stokke mayor.

  • First annual Christmas Faire of fine crafts held at UW-Stout. It later moved to the Mabel Tainter Memorial where it continues under the management of Nancy Blake.


  • First issue of monthly Lamp Lighter published by Steve Lampman of Boothby Print shop in June. It ceases publication after five colorful issues in October/November.

  • First annual Taste of Menomonie held on the Wilson Place Museum grounds in September.


  • Charles W. Sorensen succeeds Robert Swanson as chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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