• American Legion Auxiliary Unit of the Hosford-chase Post No. 32 organized in May.


  • Fire destroys Teare Building and Stori's New Concert Hall located across from the post office.

  • Burton E. Nelson became president of Stout Institute upon Lorenzo Dow Harvey's death in June.

  • On January 1 the Forster Foundry Co. (former Dunn County Iron Works) incorporated.


  • Wildi condensary sold to Nestle Food Company.


  • Bowman Model School, a teacher training facility named for G. L. Bowman, principal of Dunn County Normal School, opens on the Normal School lot.

  • Albert Quilling organizes Security Loan & Trust Co. and operates it from the former offices of the Schutte & Quilling Bank at 630 Broadway.


  • Addition built on to the 1915 hospital.

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