• James Huff Stout dies.

  • The Menomonie Times ceases publication.


  • Stout Institute becomes a state school.

  • Chippewa Valley Railway Light & Power Company purchases the operations of the Menomonie Electric Light & Power Company.

  • The LaPointe Lumber Company, George LaPointe, Jr., manager, purchases the retail yards of the Wilson-Weber Lumber Company.

  • Stella Lucas, librarian at the Mabel Tainter Memorial, dies; Essie Nickerson hired to serve in her place.


  • City government changed from alderman to commission form.

  • Segerstrom Piano Factory established.


  • Building Trades Building (Ray Hall) at Stout Institute erected.

  • Another new Roman Catholic parochial school opened.

  • New post office building completed.


  • Phillip Kraft and three sons, John, William, and Samuel, organize Kraft State Bank.

  • Segerstrom Piano Co. bankrupt, George P. Norris is appointed receiver. He reorganizes firm as Holland Piano Company.


  • City hospital opens.


  • O & N Lumber Company incorporates and opens general office in Menomonie with George LaPointe, Jr., as its secretary and general manager. By 1925 it was running 33 yards in nine Wisconsin counties.


  • A milk condensary built by John Wildi Evaporated Milk Company.

  • First World War begins on March 26. Company H called to guard bridges and docks at Superior and main line railroad bridge over the Red Cedar River.

  • Dunn County Chapter of the American Red Cross organized on March 19.


  • A new brick Coddington School opens on the site of the former wooden school building.

  • Company H arrives in France on March 10.


  • Litnum Bronze Co. organized, establishes plant in former Globe Iron Works Building.

  • Hosford-Chase Post No. 32, American Legion, organized on October 9.

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