• City library moved from second floor of the 1st National Bank to the Mabel Tainter Memorial.

  • Henry Stout dies at his home in Dubuque, Iowa, July 17.

  • Rural free delivery begins on two, then four, and eventually ten routes out of Menomonie.

  • Excelsior Brick Co. organizes to manage the Wisconsin Red Pressed Brick Co and Excelsior Brick Company under one management.

  • A quarterly newspaper, Facts and Figures, issued by the Wisconsin Anti-Saloon League, begins publication in April.


  • Last log sawed in the water mill at Menomonie (August), the end of an era. Knapp, Stout & Co. Company closes its operations in the Red Cedar River valley.

  • Dunn County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy founded, the first agricultural high school in the United States.

  • Senator Stout builds the school of Physical Training, containing a gymnasium and natatorium.

  • Knapp, Stout & Co., Company sells its grist mill to the Wisconsin Power Company.

  • Submerged Electric Motor Co. acquires a former Knapp, Stout building to house the first outboard motor factory in the world.

  • St. Joseph's Parochial School, a Roman Catholic elementary school, opens its new building.

  • After one year, in April, the Facts and Figures newspaper closes down.


  • Dunn County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy and Normal School move into new building on November 10.

  • The Wilson-Weber Lumber Company takes over retail operations of the former Knapp, Stout & Co. Company.

  • Hydraulic Pressed Brick Company of St. Louis, purchases the former St. Paul and Minneapolis Pressed Brick Co. yards.


  • Dr. Lorenzo Dow Harvey arrives to assume the superintendency of the Stout Training Schools for the purpose of training teachers in manual training, domestic science, and kindergarten work.

  • A weekly juvenile newspaper, The Menomonie Badger, founded in October.


  • Menomonie High School graduate, Frank Waller wins silver medals in the 400 meter race (.07 seconds behind the winner) and the 400 meter hurdles (.03 seconds behind) in the 1904 Olympics held in St. Louis.

  • City mail service inaugurated.

  • Globe Iron Works moves to Menomonie from Minneapolis.

  • Gas plant completed.

  • Heintz Bros.' Oscillating Sleigh Co., manufacturer of fine wagons and sleighs, opens for business.

  • The Menomonie Badger ceases publication in May.


  • Water mill destroyed by flood.


  • Fire sweeps through and destroys most business in the triangle block formed by Main and Crescent Streets.

  • The Wisconsin Milling Company, headquartered in the city, purchases the grist mill from the Wisconsin Power Company.


  • Chippewa Valley Railway Light and Power Company purchases the Knapp, Stout & Co., Company water franchises.

  • The Stout Manual Training School is incorporated as Stout Institute.


  • The Grand and The Majestic movie theaters open.

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