• The Mabel Tainter Memorial building opens.

  • Cora Farnum appointed librarian at the Mabel Tainter Memorial.


  • Stout inaugurates his two-story frame Manual Arts and Domestic Science building and the Stout Manual Training School opens.

  • The Wisconsin Signal, a new populist weekly, begins publication.


  • Captain William Wilson dies at age 85.

  • The Dunn County Asylum for the Chronic Insane opens in February.


  • James H. Stout builds new, larger Manual Training and Domestic Science building.


  • Wisconsin Telephone Company acquires O. K. Ranum's telephone company.

  • Menomonie Pressed Brick Company takes over the yard operated by the Standard Pressed Brick Company.

  • Cora Farnum resigns as librarian; Stella Lucas replaces her at the Memorial.


  • Mr. J. D. Hills and Sanford Heafield open another telephone company to compete with the Wisconsin Telephone Company.

  • H. H. Forster, C. J. Anderson, and Fred Kempe establish the Menomonie Iron Works.


  • Fifty years of operation celebrated by the Knapp, Stout & Co. Company in a day-long event at the home of James H. Stout on August 12th.

  • Wilson Creek dam washed out.


  • Fire levels Stout's Manual Training/Domestic Science and Central School.

  • Knapp, Stout & Co. Company organizes the Menomonie Electric Light and Power Company to provide electrical power and lights for city residents.

  • Menomonie Pressed Brick Co. shuts down for good.


  • Spanish-American War; Company H is called into action at Coamo, Cuba. No one from the company was killed or wounded in the battle.

  • H. H. Forster and Gotfried Kruger open business as the Dunn County Iron Works.

  • The Wisconsin Signal ceases publication.


  • Captain Andrew Tainter dies on October 18.

  • Dunn County Normal School organized, takes temporary quarters in Stout's building.

  • Menomonie Telephone Company acquires Hills-Heafield telephone operation, then merges with the Wisconsin Telephone Company.

  • Senator Stout builds kindergarten buildings at North and Coddington Schools and equips rooms at Central for the training of kindergarten teachers.

  • Fire destroys Roman Catholic Church.

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