• John Holly Knapp acquires David Black's interest for $2,600. Wilson is a joint and equal owner.

  • Andrew Tainter purchases one-third interest in the Black & Knapp mill, which is renamed "Knapp & Tainter."

  • Population of the settlement 150.

  • Knapp and Tainter build a new mill for the company complex on the Red Cedar.


  • First successful dam constructed across the Red Cedar River at Menomonie Mills.


  • First school established for company employees' children in a building near the mill site. A Dr. Rogers, hired as the first teacher, conducts classes during the winter months of 1852 and 1853.

  • First Methodist service held in Menomonie Mills in the summer.


  • Menomonie Mills and Dunnville designated as election precincts.

  • On August 20 Henry Stout joins the firm as a member of the partnership. Name of the business becomes "Knapp, Stout & Company." Gang saw installed in the 1850 mill.


  • In February Dunn County created out of Chippewa County with county seat at Dunnville.

  • Company builds grist mill on the south side of the river.

  • Rev. Joshua Pittman,a Baptist, hired to teach school during the winter months of 1854, 1855, and 1856. Although also required to preach on Sundays and pack shingles in the mill when not teaching or preaching, he evidently did not object too strongly to the conditions.


  • Post office moved from Gilbert's Mill and reestablished in the office of the Knapp, Stout & Company.

  • William Wilson appointed postmaster.

  • Population of Dunn County 1,796. Menomonie Mills precinct population 1,083, with 358 females and 725 males

  • Seriah Stevens selected first county superintendent of schools.


  • Water mill, constructed in 1850, destroyed by fire on December 26.

  • New company store and office building constructed.

  • A regularly organized school district is formed; Jesse B. Taylor first village school superintendent.


  • First bridge built across the Red Cedar River at the mill site.

  • County courthouse at Dunnville burns down.


  • The village is platted as Menomonie.

  • William Wilson elected first mayor.

  • New one-room frame school building to accommodate 40 students constructed in the village.

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