• Hardin Perkins, backed by James Lockwood and Joseph Rolette, receives permission to build a dam and mill on the Chippewa River or its tributaries. Lockwood, working with General Street, an army officer and Indian Agent at Ft. Crawford in Prairie du Chien, obtained the permit from Chief Wabashaw, of Wabashaw's band of Dakota Indians, and from Ojibwe chiefs "to cut pine lumber, to occupy a certain tract of land, and to build a sawmill thereon, in consideration of certain articles of merchandise, blankets, beads, whiskey, etc.," to be paid annually in July to Wabashaw and to the Ojibwe chiefs. The U. S. Government sanctioned the agreement. Perkins built his dam and mill on the stream now known as Wilson Creek but a sudden flood carried away both before the mill become operational. There were about 20 men working on the project. Perkins abandoned the site.


  • John Fonda takes an expedition of 74 men to the lower end of the Red Cedar to cut wood for the rebuilding of Fort Crawford.

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